TaxBuddy IT Professional

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If you’re in IT, this app is for you! Learn how to maximise your tax refund with TaxBuddy!

Learn what you can claim, what you need to make that claim and find out all of those accounting tricks that normally cost hundreds.

TaxBuddy offers guidance and certainty when preparing your Australian tax return in one easy to use, great looking app.

Don’t pay more tax than you need to. Keep the cash that you’ve worked so hard for, in your pocket. Maximise your tax refund with TaxBuddy.

- General advice on what to claim for IT Professionals
- Helpful tips on how much you can claim
- Warnings on common errors made by people completing their tax returns
- A handy function that calculates the tax on your taxable income and the tax saved by your tax deductions
- Great examples that are specifically tailored for employees in the IT Industry
- Extra features coming soon!


"My name is Jordan and I am a developer. Last year I lodged my tax return without the help of an accountant and only claimed a $50 tax deduction for a mouse. I have since learned that I was able to claim substantially more hardware and equipment that I purchased during the year. If I had known more about what sorts of tax deductions I can make, I could’ve claimed an additional $5,000 in tax deductions! This would have increased my tax refund by about $1,500!

This application has given me helpful information to ensure I can maximise my tax deductions to get the biggest tax refund I am entitled to."